Doņa Ana County Historical Society
Las Cruces, Doņa Ana County, New Mexico

Board of Directors and Officers

The Dona Ana County Historical Society (DACHS) is responsible to the members of the Society. Please inform any member of your questions and concerns. Board meetings are held monthly at the Branigan Cultural Center / Historical Museum (BCCHM). Days and times vary based on the availability of board members.  Members are welcome to attend whether just to listen or bring something to the attention to the Board. Please contact a Board member to find out exact date and time for the next meeting.                                       

Board of Directors

President Dennis Daily
Vice President Garland Courts
Secretary Jim Eckles
Treasurer Dennis Fuller
Historian Sally Kading
Past President
Susan Krueger
Members at Large

Luis Rios

Sim Middleton

Buddy Ritter
Bob Gamboa

Jose Aranda

Supporting Members

Susan Krueger
Book Sales

Liaison to F&RH Museum
Garland Courts
Liaison to City Museums
Bobby Torres
Liaison to NMSU History Dept.

Doņa Ana County Historical Society Past Presidents

Louis Freudentahal (1963-64) Janie Matson (1997-1998)
George Feather (1964-65) Roger Walker (1998-1999)
Charlotte Priestley 1966-1969) Beverley Pirtle (1999-2001)
Cal Traylor (1969-1971) Robert Hart (2001-2002)
Louise Garrett (1971-1974) Donna Eichstaedt (2003-2004)
James McNeil (1974-1977) Austin Hoover (2004-2005)
J. Paul Taylor (1977-1979) Dr. Chuck Murrell (2005-2006)
Opal Lee Priestley (1979-1981) Roger Rothenmaier (2006-May 2008)
Austin Hoover (1981-1983) George Helfrich (2009 - 2010)
Christine Myers ( 1983-1987) George Hackler (2011 - 2012)
James H. Powell (1987-1989) Marcie Palmer (2012 - 2013)  
Paxton Price (1989-1991) Susan Krueger (2013 - 2015)
Cal Traylor (1991-1993) Jon Hunner (2015 - 2018)
Linda Harris (1993-1995) Dennis Daily (2018 - present)
Chuck Miles (1995-1996)
Clarence Fielder (1996-1997)

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