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Suggested Reading List

Many newcomers to southern New Mexico are intrigued by the interesting history that surrounds them. Also, old-timers sometimes develop a desire to learn more about the area's heritage after they keep bumping into it. We thought it might be useful to provide a list of books that will be useful in scratching that itch for more information. It obviously can't be all things to all people but it is a place to start. Also, at this time, the titles are presented in no particular order. Comments and suggestions are welcome as we develop this list.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848-1998, papers of the sesquicentennial sysmposium by the Dona Ana County Historical Society

Cricket in the Web: The 1949 Unsolved Murder that Unraveled Politics in New Mexico by Paula Moore

Las Cruces by Brian Kord and Cassandra Lachica – Images of America series

Las Cruces, New Mexico: Multicultural Crossroads by Gordon Owen

La Posta: From the Founding of Mesilla to Corn Exchange Hotel to Billy the Kid Museum to Famous Landmark by David G. Thomas

Sagebrush and Sand Dunes, an anthology compiled by Martha Shipman Andrews and Dr. Rick Hendricks from the best of the Society's annual Review

On the Road With The Fat Boys by Eric Fuller, Daniel Aranda, Emilio Tapia with Joe Lopez and Mary Kay Shannon. These road guides to Southern N.M. cover the Jornada del Muerto, I-10 through N.M and I-25 between Las Cruces and Socorro

Bill the Kid Reader edited by Frederick Nolan

Tularosa: Last of the Frontier West by C.L. Sonnichsen

Life and Death of Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain by A.M. Gibson

Pat Garrett: The Story of a Western Lawman by Leon C. Metz

The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid by Pat Garrett

Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver by J. Frank Dobie

Forgotten Fortress: Fort Millard Fillmore and Antebellum New Mexico by Richard Wadsworth

Incident at San Augustine Springs: A Hearing for Major Isaac Lynde by Richard Wadsworth

The Two Alberts, Fountain and Fall by Gordon Owen

Hembillo: An Apache Battlefield of the Victorio War – The Archaeology and History of the Hembrillo Battelfield by Karl Laumbach

White Sands Missile Range by Darren Court and the White Sands Missile Range Museum – Images of America series

Pocketful Of Rockets: History And Stories Behind White Sands Missile Range by Jim Eckles

The Rockets and Missiles of White Sands Proving Ground, 1945-1958 by Gregory P. Kennedy

Clyde Tombaugh: Discoverer Of Planet Pluto by David H. Levy

Treasure Of Victoria Peak by Phil A. Koury

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