Topics from the Southern New Mexico Historical Review Past Volumes
Volumes IX - XIII (2002 - 2006)

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Volume IX - 2002
Antonio Severo Borrajo: Hispano-Mexican Patriot Priest by Rick Hendricks
The Origins of Sierra County: Political and Economic Roots by James B Sullivan
Fred R Higgins: Lawman of Southeast New Mexico by Elvis E Fleming
Technology, Politicos and the Decline of a Sierra County Seat: Hillsboro, 1884-1939 by James B Sullivan
Some Notes Regarding Aviation Activities of New Mexico College of Agriculture & Mechanical Arts in the Early 40s by Joe Gold
Harvesting the Crops: Axis Prisoners of War and their Impact on Doņa Ana County by Wolfgang T Schlauch
The History of Stahmann Farms by Theresa M Hanley
The Cabin on Aragon Draw by Philip L Duncan
A Glimpse of the Past with Jerry Holguin   by Stephanie Elisabeth Cuellar
Our Historic Home by Natasha Elliot
A Son of Doņa Ana County by Katherine Emerick

Volume X - 2003
Making Wine along the Rio Grande: An Overview by Shann Nichols
Infectious Disease in Eighteenth Century El Paso del Norte by Rick Hendricks
Charles B Haynes and Roswell's "Haynes Dream" by Elvis E Fleming
New Mexico in World War II by Rafael Valdez
The New Mexico Home Front During World War II by Marie Tighe
The Bataan Death March by Paul Smith
Return to the Battlefield: Former Enemies Retrace Their WWII Footsteps Together
by Donna Eichstaedt
Roswell: Historical Research and the Hispanic Community by William E Gibbs, Ph.D
From This Side to the Other: The History of the Rio Hondo Bridge at Picacho by Cameron L Saffell

Volume XI - 2004
The Mesilla Valley in 1877: A Newspaperman's View by Robert Torres
The Pershing Punitive Expedition of 1916-17: Mission Misunderstood by James W Hurst
The Life and Death of Albert Chase Fall, 1918-1944 by Nancy Shockley
Roger B Corbett and the Birth of a University by William B Conroy
Student Essays:
Cotton Production from 1900 to 2003 in Doņa Ana County by Jordan L Druis
Doņa Ana County: Home of the Chile by Robin Cathey

Book Reviews
In Amerikanischer Kriegsgefangenschaft: Berichte Deutscher Soldaten aus dem Zweiten Weltkreig (Experiencing American Captivity: Accounts by German Soldiers in the Second World War by Wolfgang Schlauch. Reviewed by Felix Pfaeffle

Volume XII - 2005
Roy Rogers Married a New Mexico Girl by Elvis Fleming
The Battle of Mesilla: A Rebel View by Richard Wadsworth
John Corbett: Deming's Earliest Soda Bottler by Bill Lockhart
David L. "Happy Jack" Jackson of Old White Oaks by Roberta Haldane
An Oral History Interview of Margaret (Margo) Favrot  19 July 2004 by Gordon Owen
New Mexico's First Mestizos - The Story of a Home Guard Soldier: Jose Carlos Coleman: His Tragic Life and Honorable Death by Rita Sanchez

          In Memorium
               Betty White Bowen
               Alice Peden

Book Reviews
A Portal to Paradise by Alden Hayes.  Reviewed by Rick Hendricks
Child of the Fighting Tenth: On the Frontier with the Buffalo Soldiers by Forrestine C. Hooker.  Reviewed by Tomas Jaehn
Spain in the Southwest: A Narrative History of Colonial New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and California by John L. Kessell. Reviewed by Malcolm Ebright
Mexican-Origin People in the United States: A Topical History by Oscar J. Martinez. Reviewed by Henrietta M. Christmas
Fluid Arguments: Five Centuries of Western Water Conflict edited by Char Miller Reviewed by John Baxter

Volume XIII - 2006
A Sense of Place by Nicole Martinez
The Bentley Store and the National Register by Martin Davenport
William Calhoun McDonald: First Elected Governor
of the State of New Mexico
by Roberta Haldane
Fort Stanton During the Civil War, 1861-1865 by Walter Earl Pittman
Betty Carter, School Nurse by Eloise S. Evans
J. Paul Taylor: True Son of the Mesilla Valley by Donna Eichstaedt

           In Memorium
               Ilka Feather Minter

Book Reviews
Marc Simmons of New Mexico: Maverick Historian by Phyllis S. Morgan. Reviewed by Richard Melzer
Science in the American Southwest: A Topical History by George E. Webb.  Reviewed by Bill Bohem
From Maryland to Russia with Jahn W. Adkins by Edward M. Perdue. Reviewed by Chuck Miles
Changing National Identities at the Frontier: Texas and New Mexico, 1800-1850 by Andres Resendez. Reviewed by Rick Hendricks

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