Topics from the Southern New Mexico Historical Review Past Volumes
Volumes V - VIII  (1998 - 2001)

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Volume V - 1998
Incident at Columbus by William B Lumb
A Meeting at Apache Pass: The Bascom Affair by Thomas D Gilbert
Down the Rio Grande by Galen S Beery
The Bar V: Cattle Empire on the Pecos by Elvis E Fleming
The Two Goddards of Southern New Mexico by Richard E Magee, Jr
Behold! The Tubeless Tire by Alfonso P Guzman
Two Families' Stories of the Japanese-American Experience in the Mesilla Valley: 1915-1945 by Jane Loy O'Cain
Heritage of Honor by Gerald W Thomas
Mercantile Crossroads: The Mesilla Valley Prior to 1870 by Scott E Fritz
Dukes of Haphazard: New York Cowboys on a Jail Road by Charles S Miles
Command: Major Isaac Lynde's Path to the San Agustin by John P Ryan
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury! by Gordon R Owen
Education in a Frontier Community: The Sisters of Loretto in Las Cruces by Wendy C Simpson

Volume VI - 1999
El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro by Gabrielle G Palmer
The Mesilla Valley's Pioneer Settlements by Gordon R Owen
The Founding of Otero County by David H Townsend
The Nostalgic Trip into Territorial History: The McDowell Farmhouse by Thomas A Erhard
Hatch, NM: The Story of a Village by Roger D Walker
Lincoln County Women and Frontier Cross-cultural Contact by Ann Buffington
Blackboards and Ditches   by Clara Bullard and Eloise Evans
Storekeepers in the Public Sphere: 1870-1877 by Scott Fritz
What Became of Susan McSween Barber's Diamonds by Roberta K Haldane
Herman Wertheim: A Very Personal Remembrance by Ellen Barncastle Ledesma
The Fall Committee and Double Agent Jones by Michael Stone
Killed in the Line of Duty by Elvis E Fleming

Volume VII - 2000
The Last Dragoon: Enoch Steen at Doña Ana by Richard Wadsworth
"The House" Grant's Peace Policy and Four Mescalero Agents by Nelson Boyle
Mesilla Valley Merchants and the Santa Fe Trade Scott Edward Fitz
Joshua P Church, Early Roswell Entrepreneur by Elvis E Fleming
Both Sides of the Law: Cattleman lee Green, 1872-1940 by Robert K Haldane
The Columbus Raid by Rhonda A Jackson
Air Power in Mexico During the Punitive Expedition of 1916 by Karen M Keehr
Howard S Beacham, Otero County's Eliot Ness   by David A Townsend & Cliff McDonald
The Hubbard Museum of the American West by Drew Gombar
Lorenzo Quintero: Candyman, Poet, and Writer by Alfonso Guzman
Oñate's Coverso Colonists by Francis Hernández

Volume VIII - 2001
The Fort Fillmore Cemetery by Richard Wadsworth
Coleman and Cruz: A Southern New Mexico Legacy by Rita Sánchez
Physician, Gunfighter, and Family Man: Josiah Scurlock by Dan Scurlock
The San Antonio-White Oaks Stagecoach Robberies  of 1896 by by John Tanner, Jr and Karen H Tanner
A Brief History of the New Mexico State University Dairy Department by S Ralph Skaggs, S Robert Skaggs, and
Mildred Latini
Women Accepted for Emergency Service: WAVES by Donna Eichstaedt
The Capitan Gap Fire and the Making of Smokey Bear by Leslie Bergloff
The Changing World of Horse Racing in New Mexico by Bruce Brinkley
Charreada: A Mexican Horse Game by Jo Tice Bloom
Fats, Slims, and the Copper Leaguers: Early Baseball
in Southwestern New Mexico
by Susan Berry
The Early Years of Aggie Sports by Walter Hines
The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum by Ruth Brown
The Home of the Good Shepherd by Paul Smith

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               Jack Nunemaker

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