Southern New Mexico Historical Review   January 2011

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Table of Contents

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John Lewis Thomas, Jr.’ s Visit to Fort Wingate in 1885;

By Rick Hendricks, Ph. D.

Albert B. Fall and Eugene Manlove Rhodes: On New Mexico Statehood

Cary G. Osborne, M.L.I.S.

The Belen Harvey House and Its Several Reincarnations, 1910-2010
Richard Melzer, Ph. D.

The Rise and Fall of Native Communities at the Old El Paso del Norte Mission

Terry R. Reynolds, Ph. D.

Aggies, Oh Aggies: The Glory Years. New Mexico A &M, 1935-1939

Michael F. Taylor
Edited by Walter Hines

A History of the Crescent Club of Anthony, 1913-1983

Hazel Milikien
Edited by Charles B. Stanford, M. L. I. S


In Memoriam

Dr. Donna R. Eichstaedt

Book Reviews

Open Range: The Life of Agnes Morley Cleaveland
By Darlis A. Miller
Reviewed by Rick Hendricks

Atarque: Now All Is Silent
By Pauline Chávez Bent
Reviewed by Terry R. Reynolds

Gila Country Legend: The Life and Times of Quentin Hulse
By Nancy Coggeshall
Reviewed by Cameron L. Saffell

Class and Race in the Frontier Army: Military Life in the West, 1870-1890
By Kevin Adams
Reviewed by Charles Stanford

The Indians of Arizona and New Mexico : nineteenth century ethnographic notes
of Archbishop John Baptist Salpointe

By John Baptist Salpointe
Reviewed by Laurence S. Creider

Red Sky at Morning
By Richard Bradford
Reviewed by Jane P. Fenn