Southern New Mexico Historical Review   January 2010

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August Reger: Prisoner of War in New Mexico Written by August Reger;

Translated by Cassie McClure, translation aid by Dr. Richard Rundell

`Lens Louse' or Astute Propagandist? Pancho Villa's Use of the Silent Newsreel in the Mexican Revolution

Robin Robinson

An Account of the Bougainville Campaign By Brigadier General Hugh M. Milton

Edited and Annotated by Martha Shipman Andrews

The Unique Legacy of Abraham Lincoln in New Mexico

Christopher Schurtz, M.A

The Three Letters of Father C. Jos. Immel

Claude Fouillade and Frankie Miller

Taking the Wider View: Panoramic Photography in the American Southwest

Rick Hendricks and Charles B. Stanford

Book Reviews

Tidball, Eugene C. Soldier-Artist of the Great Reconnaissance: John C. Tidball and the 35th Parallel Pacific Railroad Survey

Reviewed by Martha Shipman Andrews

The Whole Damned World: Aggies at War, 1941-1945 edited by Martha Shipman Andrews.

Reviewed by Louis R. Sadler

Eichstaedt, Donna Silver City's Bear Mountain Lodge: the Untold Story

Reviewed by Laurence Creider

The Spanish Language of New Mexico and Southern Colorado: A Linguistic Atlas by Garland D. Bills and Neddy A. Vigil.

Reviewed by Rick Hendricks

Visions Underground: Carlsbad Caverns Through the Artist's Eye by Lois Manno

Reviewed by Rick Hendricks

Literary Glimpses of New Mexico

Reviewed by Jane P. Fenn